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As a top public relations and marketing firm in New Jersey, Caryl Communications creates media campaigns to help achieve a client’s corporate, marketing and sales objectives. From creating and implementing a comprehensive PR marketing plan to support for a client’s internal communication activities, Caryl Communications can promote news through so many new and exciting channels. The firm’s talented team of media experts serve in a variety of capacities for clients, from a media/press correspondent to social media advisor to full-service marketing consultant.



News Releases and Feature Articles

News releases are the backbone of every comprehensive PR campaign, providing valuable resources for print, broadcast and Internet outlets. As content providers, Caryl Communications develops story ideas and professional copy for a vast network of established media contacts to publish articles through traditional and social media news.

Relationships with the Media

Caryl Communications nurtures its media through its established media data base that ensures editors and reporters receive exactly the kind of news they are seeking and articulate resources they need. As press correspondents, Caryl Communications introduces clients to targeted industry reporters to generate continuous visibility and establish ongoing relationships. The firm reaches out to a multitude of media outlets resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of earned press for clients.

Social Media Plans

Caryl Communications develops current and successful social media campaigns as a key component of communication and marketing. Whether highlighting an event, linking a dynamic news item or showcasing a new service or product, Caryl Communications provides a well-planned social media strategy to achieve local, regional, national and international coverage. The resulting online presence for a client reaches a client’s specific target audiences directly through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs and a growing number of Internet news and social sites. A key element of Caryl’s comprehensive media marketing strategy is to monitor and measure social media programs to assess ROI based on solid criteria.



Event Planning

Events for the public, VIPs, dignitaries or any target audience are of interest to media, and Caryl Communications consults with its clients to create well-planned happenings using the latest trends and experts in the entertainment and events industries. Caryl’s creative team designs activities to impress customers, prospects and company stakeholders while achieving exciting media involvement.

Awards, Panels and Speaking Opportunities

Through an expansive network of organizations and research services, Caryl Communications identifies high-profile award nominations as well as speaking opportunities to enhance recognition for an organization and its leaders. Caryl’s team focuses on a client’s professional industry expertise to position individual experts among targeted audiences and through respected industry achievements.



Strategic Communication Programs

An in-depth understanding of clients and their businesses allows the PR and media professionals of Caryl Communications to serve as liaisons with a client’s prospects, customers and the public. Widely recognized as one of the top public relations and marketing firms in New Jersey, Caryl Communications works with its clients to identify communication requirements and develops PR marketing campaigns geared to varied targeted groups.

Marketing and Communication Consulting

Caryl Communications provides consulting to create completely integrated marketing, advertising and Internet promotion with media through internal expertise and affiliations with adjunct agencies. Working with respected and talented specialists, Caryl Communications achieves consistent results incorporating social media, Internet and print marketing that includes newsletters, brochures, ads, fliers and other collateral materials.

A PR Team without Employee Overhead

Caryl Communications’ mission is to provide clients with public relations expertise, serving as a one-source solution while delivering the manpower of an entire marketing/PR department. Known as one of the top PR firms in New Jersey, Caryl Communications includes skilled writers, creative planners, and administrative staff as well as state-of-the-art technology and consulting. In this way, the firm provides complete services for any PR, marketing or communication challenge.

Promote Customer Goodwill

Never underestimate the importance of building goodwill with clients. Many articles will involve news about a client’s associates and their own customers who share input, quotes, preview articles and benefit from the credibility that comes with media results.


Website Development

An easy-to-navigate, interactive, and mobile responsive website is a valuable resource and an effective tool for supporting public relations objectives. Caryl’s digital marketing services include developing web page content and maintaining content to leverage opportunities through search engine optimization (SEO). Caryl works with leading Internet marketing consultants to create highly marketable websites that fit into a client’s digital marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Services

At the hub of digital marketing, email marketing is a direct outreach component of activity. Regarded as a top content provider and email marketing consultant in New Jersey, Caryl Communications organizes and manages email lists for clients and creates relevant content based on a wide range of subjects including events, people, new business, case studies and company activities. To maximize the effectiveness of emails,Caryl’s team plans internal and external eblast mailings to communicate with employees, prospects and key target audiences.

Social Media Management

When structuring a social media strategy, Caryl’s goal is to manage a client’s reputation and protect its unique brand. In addition to marketing client news, the firm provides content for social media marketing activities and works with SEO professionals to incorporate the best social media campaign into a comprehensive communication and marketing program.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most critical areas of marketing today, ensuring every Internet activity and tool used is optimized for search engines and prospects. As a leading content provider and Internet marketing agency based in New Jersey, Caryl Communications considers SEO needs for clients from the onset and throughout all marketing activities. The PR firm develops strong keywords and searchable content using strategies to ensure a client’s name or search terms brings people to their websites.

Developing an Internet Profile

All the components of Caryl’s campaigns add up to a strong online presence for its clients. In this way, a company’s customers find news articles, social media profiles and websites that demonstrate the integrity and strength of the organization.


Online Reputation

The PR professionals at Caryl Communications fully understand the benefits of using social media communities to share a client’s news and information and engage its audiences. Just as important, monitoring what is being said about a company and its services provides important feedback. Caryl’s team offers hands-on management of a client’s online reputation by monitoring traditional media outlets as well as social media channels. Using various media measurement tools, the team can gauge how messages are being received and offset any negative news with positive PR.

Crisis Management

A crisis, by definition, is a turning point for any organization facing a situation that could damage its reputation and negatively impact the company’s bottom line. Social media has made crisis preparedness and prevention more important than ever. Caryl’s public relations team can help identify the steps that need to be taken before a crisis occurs as well as assist in intercepting a crisis to control damage to a client’s reputation.


Monitoring and Measurement

In addition to clip reports and advertising equivalency value analyses, Caryl Communications’ reporting mechanisms show how many impressions online result from its work on the Internet and circulation of print news. Charts and graphs depict the ratio of online and print results, content analysis and more. The firm also measures the tremendous impact a PR marketing program has in search engine optimization (SEO), providing many ways to evaluate ROI.

Leveraging Your Clips

Caryl’s PR marketing plans include leveraging news clippings by linking through social media outlets and preparing email news blasts with links from the original source. This is a great method of disseminating credible news articles to a company’s prospects and clients as well as staff members and industry organizations.

Building Your Collateral and Online Marketing Packages

Caryl Communications focuses on collateral development to support business marketing goals. By purchasing reprint permission on key articles, clients can incorporate their news into collateral and online marketing packages that enhance credibility.