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Pinnacle Center for Professional Development

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Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD) is a new center of education designed to meet the urgent need for a competent, confident and motivated Health Information Technology (HIT) workforce. Quality continuing education is offered in a face-to-face classroom setting, delivered by seasoned professionals. Courses are held at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Fairfield, N.J. or at a site convenient to customers. PCPD’s programs prepare students, including clinicians, IT staff and healthcare administrators with coursework that will keep them current and well-prepared for the opportunities in today’s ever-changing HIT field. For more information visit

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75 Lane Road, Suite 406 • Fairfield, NJ 07004

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Company Overview

As recent federal regulations to use technology in healthcare are being implemented, the lack of specially trained healthcare IT staff has become critical.  Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD) is a new center of education serving the healthcare community by offering courses that prepare the Health Information Technology (HIT) workforce.


PCPD’s mission is to create a confident, competent, motivated and inspired Health IT workforce.  The company is designed to meet this urgent need for well-prepared HIT professionals by providing quality continuing education, delivered in an informal classroom setting by seasoned professionals.  PCPD’s programs prepare students, including clinicians, IT staff and healthcare administrators, with the “big picture” of HIT, as well as strategies to achieve success by emphasizing the human factors and processes that are needed to empower the technology.

Program Significance/Industry Need

The federal government identified a shortfall of 50,000 trained HIT workforce roles which require short-term training, as identified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) which oversees the Nationwide Health Information Network.  Workforce development programs were created when this need was originally identified in 2009, but much of the content of those programs is becoming outdated.

According to Fortune Magazine, just two years ago, about one in five hospitals used electronic health records (EHR) but that number is growing rapidly:  more than 3,600 hospitals (about 72%) received incentive payments to transition to EHR as of the end of July, 2014. Much work remains, and the healthcare sector is scrambling for competent help to aid in the switch.

While the need for HIT training and education is being addressed by various organizations, PCPD’s in-person, experiential approach to learning is unique in that it is meant to be enlightening, engaging, confidence-building, and foster a sense of context and purpose.

Prospective Students – Practical Career Opportunities

While PCPD classes and programs focus on the big picture of HIT, they also address the concepts of a highly professional teamwork mentality required for success in HIT.  Some courses are designed for those with clinical or an IT background who work in the healthcare industry.  Classes have also been developed for those with a background in the IT field but with little or no experience in healthcare.

Candidates interested in attending PCPD programs are initially screened to ensure they have the qualifications and base knowledge that will lead to a full understanding of course material. Upon completion, students receive certification for their coursework.

HIT Workforce & Career Opportunities include:

  • Clinical (Practitioner) Consultant
  • Implementation Manager / Project Manager
  • Implementation Support Specialist
  • Information Management Redesign Specialist
  • Technical Support & Software Support Staff
  • Trainer

Who Can Benefit from PCPD

PCPD works with healthcare organizations that are seeking to invest in education for their HIT staff in an effort to achieve successful HIT initiatives.  These organizations include hospitals and medical facilities, integrated delivery systems, physician practices, and payers.

Face-To-Face, Classroom-Based Training

The company’s goal is to prepare HIT team members for success by offering face-to-face, state-of-the-art classroom-based programs.  The courses are delivered in a comfortable, informal, discussion-oriented atmosphere and are offered at Pinnacle’s headquarters or at a site convenient to customers.  Dates and locations are flexible and can be scheduled according to customer needs.

Course Options

As a logical introduction to the array of classes and broad curriculum planned, PCPD is launching with the Healthcare IT Workforce Boot Camp and Introduction to Health IT.  All classes will be led by experienced Health IT professionals.

Healthcare IT Workforce Boot Camp

Pinnacle’s Health IT Workforce Boot Camp is an intensive one-week course designed to prepare clinical and information technology professionals to be high-performing, effective, productive and resourceful team members and leaders for health IT initiatives.

This course is designed for IT professionals working within a healthcare setting who need to understand the full story and implications of healthcare reform, or clinicians and informaticists who are working in an IT capacity.  Topics include:

  • Health IT Evolution
  • Health IT Systems
  • Health IT Organizational Management and Governance
  • Health IT and Project Management
  • Assessing the Value of Health IT

Introduction To Health IT

Introduction to Health IT is Pinnacle’s comprehensive two-day course designed to prepare entry-level health IT or clinical staff to be effective, productive and resourceful team members for health IT initiatives.

Curriculum topics include:

  • The Healthcare Delivery Environment
  • The Healthcare Technology Environment
  • System Development Life Cycle
  • Project Life Cycle Management
  • HIT Operations
  • Managing HIT
  • The Healthcare IT Revolution

Custom Coursework

When it comes to training, it’s important to cover the basics and set a good foundation. However, if your organization needs to address more targeted training, PCPD offers Customized Training Courses that provide continuing education and training tailored to businesses’ specific needs. Designed specifically around your identified learning needs, PCPD specialists work with you to develop subject matter and training customized to support your desired outcomes or learning objectives within the Health Information Technology industry. With changing technologies and changing markets, it is more important than ever to invest in an organization’s most important resource – its people.

Key Management and Staff

Joseph Konopinski, CEO

Konopinski is the Chief Executive Officer of the Pinnacle Consulting Group (PCG), the parent company of Pinnacle Center for Professional Development (PCPD). He brings over thirty-five years of experience in the computer industry to Pinnacle’s profile.  His previous affiliations include working with companies such as GTE Sylvania, the Reserve Fund, Baker and Taylor, Honeywell Information Systems, Ernst & Young, Sony Corporation of America, The Chubb Institute, Trecom Business System (Fujitsu Consulting) which supports clients such as Merrill Lynch, AIG, AIU, Prudential Insurance, Sandvik, Hoffman LaRoche, Bristol Myers Squibb, State of NJ DMV, Chubb and Son and BASF to name a few.  His many years of experience affords him knowledge of the information industry in various vertical markets, and an incomparable understanding for the highly demanding field of Information Technology.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences and Mathematics and certifications in various information engineering and technology disciplines.

Beth Dituro, Program Director

Beth Dituro, program director for PCPD, is responsible for designing, developing and delivering educational programs, curriculum, instruction and related learning materials according to PCPD’s mission. She is a seasoned HIT professional with many years of experience at hospitals and healthcare organizations including NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital and the North Shore LIJ Health System.  Her key positions have included: Interim CIO, Healthcare IT System Implementation Consultant & Trainer, Director of Client Services, and other IT management and leadership roles.  She holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University,  CPHIMS certification, and various IT and management certifications.

Marlene Machbitz, PHR, Director of Human Resources and Business Relationships

Machbitz has more than 15 years of HR experience, including working at Pinnacle since 2011.    She has a strong background in all areas of human resources including a thorough understanding of employment and EEO laws, organizational design and talent development, compensation and benefits, as well as employee relations and staffing.  She holds a bachelor’s degree and Master of Science from Mercy College, as well as various professional HR certifications.

Umbrella Company

PCPD is part of the Pinnacle Consulting Group (PCG),  Founded by Joe Konopinski in 1998, the company offers IT solutions to various vertical markets serving the healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, accounting, financial and legal industries, among many others. PCG provides businesses and professionals with a broad array of IT services. The company both designs and services IT management systems for all sized enterprises.  Since its creation, PCG has partnered with many complementary organizations such as Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, HP, and other technology leaders, to create a solid foundation and knowledge base for staff and customers. Pinnacle Consulting Group is a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner





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