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Past, Present and Future: “The Medium is the Message”

| January 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

By Caryl Gordon, President of Caryl Communications

Marshall McLuhan’s brilliant quote – “the medium is the message” – published in 1964 has never been truer. In his book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, he explains how the characteristics of the medium, as much as the content, ultimately shape the message.

This is happening over and over again via the Internet, which Marshall predicted more than 30 years before the web took shape. And social media has started to dominate the communications arena, not just as a casual tool, but in business circles around the globe.

Social Gets Respect…Like a Kid in a Candy Store

For the past several years, I have enjoyed working in PR more than any other time in our 30-year history.  Why?  I feel like that “kid in a candy store” with so many options and methods of communicating for our clients, that the work has become a sweet task.

We initially launched social media for our company over five years ago to test its potential and the new “transparency” before exposing our clients.  Our strategy – to reach traditional media through social posting – quickly demonstrated how this medium was not just a feeder for press; we were engaging consumers at the same time.  Today, the power of social media is a fact, and its influence has grown exponentially as a respected PR and communications tool.

In addition to valued media, our clients and consumer audiences are responding, finding new business and networking opportunities through broader tentacles with an expanded reach.  The media, of course, remain our first priority, online, through the air waves, and yes, still in print.  But now, we also target news directly to prospects, customers and referral sources through social channels that bring exciting results.

Up, Up and Away:  Our Two Major Initiatives for 2017

As a result, and in response to what our clients are seeking, we have implemented two major initiatives for 2017: an expanded digital presence and social media campaigns as well as our new operations platform – the Cloud. The changes have unveiled an array of options that will benefit us and our clients with expediency and open dialogues.

Stay tuned as we anticipate significant growth in 2017 and watch our social media and cloud-based synergies contribute to more agile communication with fewer words and more results. Reach out to me at (201) 796-7788 or to learn more and discuss your business needs.

And what about Marshall?  He remains “One of the most charismatic, controversial and original thinkers of our time… universally regarded as the father of communications and media studies and prophet of the information age.”


Looking forward indeed to an exciting year of News.

Caryl Gordon, President

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