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Generate PR With Surveys

| July 13, 2016 | 0 Comments

Generate PR With Surveysmeasuring
by Caryl Gordon, President at Caryl Communications

Let numbers help tell your story with the use of surveys and statistics. Surveys are highly useful and effective in public relations campaigns, and almost any type of company can use one. For a survey to have impact and for the results to gain credibility, it must focus on a relevant topic, target the right audience and utilize the proper sample size. A survey can be conducted on an annual or semi-annual basis or when a company reaches an anniversary or hits a milestone. Make yours buzz-worthy with these tips:

  • Choosing a Topic:
    • Pick a topic that interests current and potential consumers as well as the media by considering trends or tech innovations impacting the marketplace
    • Focus on information directly related to your company or the products it makes
  • Determining Sample Size:
    • Sample survey sizes for PR use often range from 200 to 1200 respondents in order to gain validity and credibility
    • Keep in mind that conclusions can be drawn from small sample sizes, but the margin of error in small samples of people is usually high
  • Designing it with Care:
    • Present questions in a logical order
    • Detail instructions
    • Use simple and direct language
    • Employ a mix of answer formats, including multiple choice, yes or no and rating scales and numbers
    • Test the survey before it is launched to avoid surprises
    • Consider working with an outside export pollster to design and/implement survey for maximum credibility
  • Using the Analysis to Tell Your Story:
    • Consider bringing in a professional to help you analyze the results and draw appropriate conclusions
    • Once you have the results, create news releases and white papers for distribution as well as blogs and social media posts
    • Pitch the story to key media in your industry
    • Go visual with infographics if possible

Case Study: Levin’s Management’s “Retail Sentiment Survey”Capture levin
We work on an in-depth retail survey for our client Levin Management, which is a leading single-source commercial real estate services provider for institutional and private owners. Levin’s “Retail Sentiment Survey” polls store managers at properties in the Levin portfolio, to gauge the strength of the industry. Because retail managers regularly interact with consumers, their frontline experience gives them a unique outlook on the true state of retail.

Levin taps into this breadth of knowledge by surveying the store managers of its 1,000+ tenants three times annually, gathering information each time on current sales and traffic numbers, and manager sentiment regarding their stores’ anticipated performance. The surveys also ask timely questions about brand expansion and hiring patterns, the usage and impact of technology and e-commerce, and holiday season shopping expectations.

Caryl Communications develops and executes the campaign from start to end, drafting questions, setting up and distributing the survey on-line, following up with potential participants to encourage them to complete the survey prior to the dealine. We then analyze the results and compare the findings with a variety of current outside studies, create a comprehensive report, write the press release outlining and interpreting the results, and work with media to place it.

Developing, distributing and analyzing a survey can yield new opportunities to provide reporters with important statistics and proven points of information. Reporters love data, but the key to getting coverage of a survey lies in effective execution and promotion.

As a top public relations and marketing firm in New Jersey, Caryl Communications creates media campaigns to help achieve a client’s corporate, marketing and sales objectives. From creating and implementing a comprehensive PR marketing plan, including events of all kinds, to support for a client’s internal communication activities, Caryl Communications can promote news through so many new and exciting channels. Reach out to me at (201) 796-7788 or for more details or to set up an in-person meeting.

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