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How To Build a Better Email Signature Block

| August 2, 2017 | 0 Comments

How To Build a Better Email Signature Block
Take Advantage of the Promotional Power at the Bottom of Your Email

by Mary Dickey, writer and social media specialist at Caryl Communications

Looking to promote your brand or business at no cost? Don’t overlook the humble email signature block. If you’re like most professionals, you send out an average of 40 emails per day. That’s 40 opportunities to showcase your capabilities every time you press “send”. So, pay attention to this small piece of real estate to make sure it’s working hard for you and your business.

So Many Choices, So Little Space
You’ve got a lot of elements to choose from: name, title, phone and fax numbers, email, company logo, web and blog addresses, social icons and maybe even your head shot. But space is scarce.

Be selective, using the most important pieces of information. The essentials, in addition to your name and title, are usually contact information plus web address and social icons. If you have a blog, add that link.  Organize the essentials in a hierarchy of importance beginning with your name. Then consider color and fonts.

Be consistent with color. Don’t create a rainbow. Some of the best designed signature blocks play off the colors in the company’s branding. As for fonts, follow the same rule – stay simple. Use a single font, changing size and weight for the different elements in your block.

How Many Social Media Links?
Three is ideal. Six is the max. And use the platform’s icons, rather than links. Why? Because a visual image is a faster impression than a line of type. If your row of icons is looking too much like a rainbow, try using your branding color for each of them, rather than their original colors.

Company Logos and Head Shots
Nothing communicates your company’s identity better than its logo. It’s a logical addition to your block. Your own headshot? Maybe. But only if it’s a professional image (no selfies or photo booth shots) and only if it fits the block.

Consider a Call to Action
Many high-performing signature blocks include a call to action. This little line runs below the block, separated by a space or two. Contents might be: “Have you read our latest blog post?” or “Check out our new additions to Instagram!”

Think Mobile and Be Sure to Test
Since studies show that roughly 56 percent of emails are opened on mobile phones, make sure your block will be readable on a small screen. And make sure there’s enough space for a fingertip between your social media icons. Hopefully your mobile readers will be pressing them. When it’s completed, test the block for readability on your phone. And after you’ve tested on mobile, try your links to be sure they work. Finish with a trial of your signature block on several types of email clients just to be sure it looks perfect wherever it goes.

There are many examples of well-designed and effective signature blocks. Here are two of our favorite sources of inspiration:

Questions on signature blocks, social media engagement or any other PR topic? Please reach out to Caryl at 201-796-7788 or As one of New Jersey’s top public relations firms, Caryl Communications provides traditional and internet marketing as well as strategic social media campaigns. Specialties include extensive media outreach focused on garnering digital and print press coverage. Since its founding in the early 1980s, Caryl Communications has served an array of clients in such industries as real estate, banking, senior living, active adult communities, wireless telecommunications, technology, architecture, law, affordable housing, hotel, nonprofits and many others

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