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What’s The Best Source For Photos On Your Social Media?

| May 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

Mary Dickey

Top NJ PR Firm Offers Tips for Images That Get Engagement

By Mary Dickey, writer and social media specialist at Caryl Communications (Caryl)

If you’re a savvy social media marketer, you know that visuals boost engagement for your posts, tweets and ads. In fact, they double it! As a top NJ PR firm, Caryl often gets asked about the best sources for images. Should you invest in professional photography or rely on stock images? Should you shoot your own photos? The answer is to mix your sources for maximum engagement.

Stock Photography: Your Quick and Easy Solution
The web offers thousands of stock images – both free and for-fee. These accessible, high-quality images are a quick way to enhance your posts and invite engagement. The downside is they have a generic look that won’t build your brand, so don’t rely solely on stock photos.

Professional Photography: Your High-Quality Brand Builder
Original images unique to your business will help establish your brand on social media. A professional photo session is ideal for building an image bank of staff and management head shots, group portraits and interior and exterior pictures of your company and properties.

DIY Photography: Your Source for Everyday Brand Images
There’s power in your digital camera and your smartphone. Use them to shoot images that support your posts. It’s easier than most people think, and quality keeps getting  better.

Here are some tips from Facebook: 

Nine Steps to Better Social Media Photos

1. The KISS Rule (Keep It Simple, Stupid). This old rule applies to many things, including photography. Avoid complicated, busy scenes. A single image has more impact.

2. Plan Your Shot. Candid, in-the-moment photos are great, but if you’re showcasing your product or your team, you need to set things up.

Going Off Center

3. Take Test Shots. Shoot, check your results, then re-shoot.

4. Don’t Always Center Your Subject. Some photos can be more interesting if the subject is off-center with other images in the shot. Position the subject a bit to the right or left or closer to the top or bottom of the frame. At the same time, don’t cut off a portrait at the ankles – either a full shot, waist up, or chest up.

Get Close

5. Faces Are the Exception to Rule 4. A close-up deserves center stage. Extreme close-ups are very popular on social media.

6. Shift the Perspective. For a more interesting picture, keep the main subject in the foreground and other elements in the background. Don’t make everything of equal value.

7. Get Creative with Your Layout. Think of the great still-life paintings you’ve seen and arrange your elements for maximum visual appeal.

8. Shoot from an Interesting Perspective. Watch pro photographers. They’re usually in motion – shooting from above and below. Follow their example and shoot from different angles.

Look Skyward

9. Keep Mobile in Mind. Every day a billion people are looking at Facebook on mobile. So, make sure your photo works on a mobile screen. Check your shots on your own phone to be sure they work in this format.

For more information on images for social media visit:

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